3.12.18 Meeting – making great progress!

After last week’s snow day, we were able to meet again last night.

Nothing too big to report.  We are continuing to build our church profile.   The church profile is compiled information that will be used to “match” us with potential candidates. The church profile includes many pieces:

  • This questionairre that the team is completing.  Giving stats and info about who Grace is.
  • A job description.  Pastor Marlan is working on this.
  • Another questionairre that the Elders will complete/finalize.
  • Input from the regular attenders of Grace. In a couple of weeks, the regular attenders will be asked to complete a survey about Grace.  This info will be compiled and added to our church profile.   A little more about the survey to regular attenders.  We would love your feedback.  So prior to sending the actual survey, we will be sending emails and reminding everyone in service that it is coming.
  • Demographics of our community.   This will be pulled from a government website that provides this kind of information.

While we build our profile, P3 is continually adding candidates to their pool.  Candidates build a profile about themselves.  P3 then does their magic to match us with candidates that would be a potential fit for Grace.   Still not sure the timeline for receiving names of the candidates.  May-ish maybe.  We will try to keep you up to date on that.

The team is working so well together.  Great conversations.  Wise considerations.   Please join us in praying.  Pray for continued unity and wisdom.  Keep praying for the future candidate.  Together, we are praying for God’s leading and will over this process.

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