2.26.17 Meeting

What a great night!

Our first step when working with P3, is build a church profile.  It is quite the packet, 13 pages!  We made it through about half of the questions last night.  We are responding to questions like: what is the average attendance, what is your primary language, how many baptisms, etc.   It is a great reminder of how God has been with Grace as people decide to follow Him, get baptized and get involved in ministry.

Over the last week, our team members took turns praying for this process.  We pray for unity and wisdom.  We pray for God’s leading.  We pray that God is working in the life of our next lead pastor and preparing that person for their future at Grace.  How cool is it…that God already knows who that is and we can already be praying for them?!  If you are reading this, please join our prayers.

If you know of any great candidates, direct them to Converge/P3.  All candidates will start with P3.

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